Book Review from WIJC Member

Here is a wonderful book to read during the holiday: FRIENDLY FIRE, by A. B. Yehoshua.

A middle-aged Israeli couple are spending an unaccustomed week apart. Ya’ari, an engineer, is busy juggling the day-to-day needs of his elderly father, his children, his grandchildren, and an elevator he designed in a Tel Aviv high-rise. Daniela, his wife, flies from Tel Aviv to East Africa to mourn the death of her older sister. There she confronts her anguished brother-in-law, whose soldier son was killed six years earlier in the West Bank by “friendly fire”. The brother-in-law manages a team of African researchers digging for the bones of man’s primate ancestors as he strives to detach himself from all vestiges of his Jewish and Israeli identity. The characters are very real, and their interaction with other Israelis and Africans are revealing. Oh, and the whole story takes place during the eight days of Hanukkah. With our small celebration coming up, it is inspiring to see how Israelis treat their holidays with as much energy as Christmas is celebrated here.


-Susan Bennett


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