Seder up-to-date

Some people may not have received this update, containing specific information to RSVP and sign up for things to bring:

WIJC will be holding a Passover Seder on Saturday, April 3rd. The Seder will begin at 6:00 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Hall, 20103 Hwy 525, 2 miles north of Freeland. The Seder will follow a participatory, inclusive Haggadah designed by WIJC. All Jews on Whidbey and their families and guests are welcome!

We’re circulating a sign-up list. We’re asking everyone to sign up for at least one thing from the “ritual necessities” list if possible, AND for sure one potluck dish. E-mail, or call Stefan and Heidi at 321-5206, to have the list sent to you or to sign up.

Please bring for your own family: place settings (plate/bowl, silverware, cup), wine/juice–at least enough for your family, and pillows for reclining if you like. The hall has things we can use if anyone forgets (then we have to wash up!). WIJC requests donations in order to cover the costs of the hall and to provide programming.

Your participation is appreciated at this family-friendly event!


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