Langley Jewish Cemetery


Along with building a mikva, establishment of a Jewish burial ground has been a central component to creating a Jewish community.

Allan and Deloris Ament, WIJC community members have taken the initiative to start this process and have some timely news to share. Mazel tov to their efforts!

The Aments have been in talks with Marilyn Strong, chair of the cemetery committee and are pleased to report the following: 


            1.  The Committee supports the proposal to set aside a portion of the cemetery as a consecrated Jewish section.

            2.  They (the Committee) anticipate a minimum of ten plots being necessary for this to be accomplished.

            3.  All plots have to be pre-paid. They will be transferable either through the Cemetery board or one’s own contacts. The new purchaser will have to be Jewish.

            4.  The cost of the plot is $1000.00, plus an additional $400 for permanent maintenance. This price is good until January 2011, when it increases by $200.00. Whidbey Island residents are able to purchase plots in the green burial section of the cemetery at the reduced price through the end of this month.

            5.  Checks should be made out to the “City of Langley” and noted to be for the Jewish section of the cemetery. If you choose to participate please inform Allan so he can keep track and let Marilyn know.

            6. Each plot holds one body and one set of cremains.

            7. While set aside as a Jewish burial location, non-Jewish partners can also be buried in it, and cremains will also be accepted. This is not strictly in keeping with Halacha (traditional Jewish law) but more accurately reflects the traditions and beliefs of our community.

            8.  The Cemetery committee has approved opening this offer to Jewish communities in the Greater Seattle Area, allowing Whidbey residents and initial purchasing period.


Rabbi Ted Falcon has kindly agreed to offer the necessary services to make this happen.

For more information, please contact Allan Ament at (360-331-7971) or leave your email in the comment sections and your information will be forwarded.






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