Posting on the WIJC blog

WIJC’s blog will be richer with more content from community members. If you enjoy writing or have event listings, book or movie reviews, or other Jewish related content to share WIJC welcomes your participation. Individuals that elect to subscribe to the blog feed are sent emails whenever new posts are published. The blog site is simple, as are the guidelines the community is respectfully asked to follow in posting.

The purpose and aim of the WIJC blog is to contribute to community building through the sharing of information. As a privately held site, WIJC’s blog adheres to standards set by the Board that are designed to be inclusive, non-discriminatory, and welcoming of those that self-identify with being Jewish.

All posts are moderated, or approved, prior to posting. To submit material for consideration of posting, please send an email to with the content, photos, or links.

Materials sent are reviewed and posted if they meet the following criteria:
-are related to a Jewish subject or are Jewish in some fashion
-understand the inclusive nature of our Jewish community and common values and are free from anti-Semetic, racist, homophobic, misogynistic or other icky isms that are ill chosen for promotion on the WIJC website
-ideally are focused on the local and surrounding area
-are not commercial in content; events may be promoted that have an associated fee or ticket price but fundraisers, causes, and other sales pitches are not permitted
-anything deemed offensive. If the secretary finds a post to be potentially problematic, the Board of WIJC is to be sent a copy to vote on acceptability prior to posting. In addition, by majority Board vote any post can be removed by request.

See, pretty simple. Now please do share.


One response to “Posting on the WIJC blog

  1. Susan Bennett

    I thought I saw a post about Rosh Hashanah, maybe at Whidbey Institute? If anyone knows about this, please contact me.

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