WSJHS work opportunity in Jews in Sports

The Washington State Jewish Historical Society announces an opportunity for a research and writing associate in the field of Jews in Sports. Information is below:

Job Opportunity

Research and Writing Associate
The Instant Replay committee is looking for a very part-time research and writing associate. The ideal candidate will be tech savvy, a team player, organized, a strong writer, interested in and connected to the Jewish community and willing and able to travel. This person will conduct interviews with and about sports figures and the history of Jews in sports around Washington state, and will be required to spend time working with the Archives, in libraries and with the local newspapers to collect information. For a more detailed description and to inquire, contact Emily at

” WSJHS rolls out an exciting series of programs devoted to Washington Jews in sports called Instant Replay. Our goal is to collect the history of Washington State’s Jews who participated in every kind of sport, not only as athletes but also as team owners, managers, coaches, media figures, collectors of memorabilia, physicians, trainers, sports psychologists and fans as well as leagues, teams and programs ranging from Maccabi to high school and college, from semi-professional to professional sports. “Participation” can be in any sport imaginable. ”


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