In place of the altar, man makes atonement at the table.

What: A Conversation with Nigel Savage, Executive Director, Hazon and Prof  Karen Litfin, Political Science, University of Washington (and a Maxwelton Valley resident here on the island)

When: February 23, 2012 from 7:30pm-9:00pm.

Where: 415 Westlake (415 Westlake Ave North) South Lake Union

Who: All are welcome–this event is sponsered by UW Jewish Studies and is open to the community

Cost: Free. Advance registrations are appreciated.Register at

What is your relationship to food politics? What is your relationship to religion? Do your answers to these questions have anything to do with one another?Until recently, religion and food politics had little to say to one another. But today, religious communities have emerged as key catalysts for transforming our relationship with food and advocating for a healthy and just food system.UW Jewish Studies brings this conversation to life in a “living room” style conversation featuring Nigel Savage, a leading Jewish environmentalist and founder of Hazon, and UW Prof. Karen Litfin, an expert in environmental politics. Nigel and Karen will discuss why faith traditions contribute much-needed perspectives on food production, sustainability and access.

Nigel Savage is founder and Executive Director of Hazon, a leading organization in the Jewish Food Movement. In 2008 Hazon was recognized by the Sierra Club as one of 50 leading faith-based environmental organizations; and Nigel was named a member of the Forward 50, the annual list of the most influential Jewish people in the United States.

Professor Karen Litfin specializes in global environmental politics, with core interests in green theory, the science/policy interface, and “person/planet politics.” She has recently returned from traveling to ecovillages on five continents for her forthcoming book: Being the Change: Ecovillage Experiments Around the World. 

More on the speakers can be found here:


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