Pre-Purim post.

PURIM is on March 8th.

If you wish to read up on the holiday, Sno-Isle Library has a good selection of books for all ages (over 10 pages on a subject search).

For an amusing look at Purim check out G-dcast production’s latest at If you like what you see, and you know a young person interested in animation, G-dcast is offering fellowships in digital media.

 Purim: Princess of Persia


2 responses to “Pre-Purim post.

  1. How do I contact someone for the WIJC with some information? I can’t find contact information anywhere on this site, and I got an error message when I tried to go to the “website.”

    • Hi Hilde,

      You can leave comments for any post or send general information to
      We have been using this blog rather than the website for a while (it is easier to update). The website only functions as an address that can accept paypal.
      nice to hear from you!

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