Scholarship information sent to WIJC

The Julius Galland Fellowship and Scholarship Fund

 37 W 39th Avenue Spokane, WA 

 Whidbey Island Jewish Community,

 Scholarships will be awarded to Jewish students whose legal residence has been in the State of Washington for one year or more and who are engaged in undergraduate work (including entering freshman) at Washington State University. The awards will be in the amounts as may be determined from time to time by the Committee on Awards. Consideration will be given to an applicant’s academic merit, financial need, and activities rendered for the benefit of the Jewish community or others, but encouraging and supporting a Jewish presence at Washington State University is an important goal of the awards. Historically, awards have been sufficient to meet or exceed the cost of books. Your help in disseminating this scholarship information to the Jewish community would be appreciated. Students interested in submitting an application will need to do so on or before June15, 2012 for awards that will be made for the academic year 2012-13 (fall 2012 through spring 2013.) Application forms can be obtained on the Internet at the following: or


2) entering Galland into the search box, and


 Cordially, Richard Rubens Awards Committee Chairman


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