Message from WSJHS

Dear Whidbey Island Jewish Community:

Washington State Jewish Historical Society has obtained a grant which will allow us to start to identify and document historical objects and artifacts throughout the State of Washington.  We are inviting you to partner with us in this endeavor.  Our goal is to create a database of historical objects and artifacts in various institutions in the State.

 These objects are a testament to our collective history and it is our intent to help preserve them for generations to come.  This data will be helpful to WSJHS’s future planning as we endeavor to preserve and exhibit our heritage.The first phase of this project is to identify historical objects located at your institution.  During our next phase, we would like to contact a select number of institutions to document those objects.  This is an ongoing process and our ultimate goal is to document historical objects at every Jewish institution in our State.

 Please note that any information obtained by WSJHS from you will be kept strictly confidential and no information collected in connection with this questionnaire will be made public.

 Here’s how it works:

 1.  Please fill out a simple questionnaire that can be obtained by  request from

 Please take a few minutes and fill out the top portion with your institution’s name, address and contact information; then check all the boxes that apply to objects or artifacts that you think may have historical significance.

 Please email your completed questionnaire to

 2.  After correlating the data, we will contact a select number of institutions in order gather more information and schedule a site visit.  During our visit we would like to: (i) photograph and document each item identified in the survey answers; (ii) make detailed notes about the provenance (the history) of the object(s); (iii) create a condition report for each object identified as being in need of conservation; and (iv) make recommendations for the general care and storage of those items identified.  If your organization is not selected for a site visit during this first cycle, we hope to be able to contact you in the furture as additional funding is secured.

We are looking forward to your participation in this exciting project!

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Questionnaire Coordinator, Robin Atlas at 206 890-7882 or




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