WIJC Haggadah suggestions

If you plan to hold  a Seder for Passover (April 6-13) you are most likely going to need a haggaddah (or haggadot for the entire table).  If you do not have old Maxwell House freebies laying around,or want something new, WIJC has a few suggestions:

Check the library: http://www.sno-isle.org

A search for Haggadah in our library system leads wonderful results, including (but not limited to) these gems :

 The New American Haggadah. Edited by  Jonathan Safran Foer ; with a new translation by Nathan Englander that includes commentary from Lemony Snicket and others.

 A mystical Haggadah : Passover meditations, teachings, and tales / commentary and translation by Eliahu J. Klein.

 Wonders and miracles : a Passover companion : illustrated with art spanning three thousand years / written and compiled by Eric A. Kimmel.

 Creating lively Passover seders : a sourcebook of engaging tales, texts & activities / David Arnow.

You can also find haggadot online. Chabad has a link to many, available at http://www.chachingqueen.com/2011/04/short-passover-seders-free-online-pesach-haggadahs/.

Rabbi Ted offers one for a donation: http://www.rabbitedfalcon.com/spiritual-haggadah/

And for those short of time, Slate offers the two minute version at: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/low_concept/2006/04/the_twominute_haggadah.html


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