Do you enjoy the G-dcast shorts? Want to be part of making them?

G-dcast is offering fellowships this summer in SF for college and graduate students. Studio G-DCAST is a unique arts residency that will bring 12 college or graduate students together for a week of animated storytelling. The residency will combine the artistic exchange of an open studio with traditional methods of Jewish study. Animators and storytellers work in chevrutas—study pairs—and collaboratively create one wildly imaginative art piece based on classic Jewish sources.The five-day residency will include sessions with various experts who will lead master classes in animation and storytelling, Jewish texts, and museum studies. On the last day, we’ll invite the public to a works-in-progress screening featuring your work.Studio G-DCAST will be an exciting opportunity to do collaborative, interpretive, rigorous creative work yielding a portfolio piece with high viewership–these films will be screened by our worldwide partners in classrooms, at festivals, and, of course, online. The residency will also provide professional development and mentorship for emerging animators, writers, poets, and singer/songwriters.

Studio G-DCAST will take place August 12th-17th at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in the heart of San Francisco. We will provide a travel stipend to get you here, plus room and board while you’re in town.Join us as we take Jewish wisdom as the genesis for new work, telling tales through words, music, paint and pixels.We want two types of applicants. Which are you?

  • Animation students who are confident and experienced ninjas in Flash, AfterEffects or some other digital animation package. (Work in stop motion or direct on-film techniques? We’re definitely interested as long as you can make headway in a 5-day studio experience.)
  • Storytellers of all persuasions: slam poets, wandering minstrels, espresso-sipping essayists, screenwriters and one-woman circuses

We need you to be: 18 years old as of August 12, 2012, fluent in English, capable of working in your chosen medium without technical assistance and currently enrolled in college or graduate school.

We are especially excited if you have an interest in Jewish stories and culture,enjoy teamwork and collaborative art-making and want to work hard for a week making something innovative, educational and dare we say it, meaningful.

So do you?

Apply at


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