Photograph request to WIJC members from Yad Vashem

Help Yad Vashem Make the Voice of the Survivors Resonate For Generations

Dear Friend,

Yad Vashem continues with its work of collecting written and visual documentation of the Holocaust and educating future generations in order to ensure that the memory and stories of the victims and survivors are never forgotten.We are calling on you to partner with us in an important venture to help us reach our goals. We would like to receive a family photo of Holocaust survivors with their descendants, taken between the years 1945 2012. The photo will be used for research, education, exhibitions and commemoration in Israel and all over the world, thus giving voice to the survivors, their stories and their legacies.

If you have a picture of Holocaust survivors together with family members, we would be grateful if you would send us a copy in color or black and white, scanned at 300dpi, size A5. If you do not have the possibility to scan the picture, we would be grateful if you would send us a hard copy. Please send the photo together with as much detail possible regarding the survivor, in Latin letters:

  • First name and surname during the Holocaust, and afterwards if it was changed
  • Place of birth
  • Where the survivor was during the Holocaust (list of various locations, when relevant)
  • Place of residence after the Holocaust
  • Place and date on which the photo was taken
  • Who are the other people in the photo

The photo should be sent to: should be sent to: International Relations Division Picture Collection Yad Vashem The Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority P.O.B. 3477 Jerusalem 91034 Ill.Yad Vashem reserves the right to use the photo in various projects at its discretion.We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this important venture to disseminate the stories of the survivors and ensure that their voice resonates from generation to generation. In addition,Yad Vashem is Urgently  Seeking Original Footage for a New Exhibition.If you  have color footage, including home movies, that was filmed in Europe or North Africa  prior to the Holocaust, please contact:  +972-2-644-3597 or


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