Kol Nidre

Kol Nidre is recited tonight at sunset. An Aramaic text, Kol Nidre is not a prayer, but rather a legal text dealing with the nulification of vows and oaths that is said prior to Yom Kippur.

The text of Kol Nidre: כָּל נִדְרֵי, וֶאֱסָרֵי, וּשְבוּעֵי, וַחֲרָמֵי, וְקוֹנָמֵי, וְקוּנָסֵי, וְכִנוּיֵי, דְאִנְַרְנָא, וּדְאִשְתַּבַּעְנָא, וּדְאַחֲרִמְנָא עַל נַפְשָׁתָנָא. •מִיוֹם כִּפּוּרִים שֶׁעָבַר עַד יוֹם כִּפּוּרִים זֶה, וּ־־• ♦מִיוֹם כִּפּוּרִם זֶה עַד יוֹם כִּפּוּרִים הַבָּא עָלֵינוּ לְטוֹבָה.♦ בְּכֻלְהוֹן אִחֲרַטְנָא בְהוֹן. כֻּלְהוֹן יְהוֹן שָׁרָן, שְׁבִיקין, שְׁבִיתִין, בְּטֵלִן וּמְבֻטָלִין, לָא שְׁרִירִין, וְלָא קַיָמִין. נִדְרָנָא לָא נִדְרֵי, וֶאֱסָרָנָא לָא אֱסָרֵי, וּשְׁבוּעָתָנָא לָא שְׁבוּעוֹת.

and the translation: All vows, and prohibitions, and oaths, and consecrations, and konams and konasi and any synonymous terms, that we may vow, or swear, or consecrate, or prohibit upon ourselves, •from the previous Day of Atonement until this Day of Atonement and …• ♦from this Day of Atonement until the Day of Atonement that will come for our benefit.♦ Regarding all of them, we repudiate them. All of them are undone, abandoned, cancelled, null and void, not in force, and not in effect. Our vows are no longer vows, and our prohibitions are no longer prohibitions, and our oaths are no longer oaths.

As a piece of music, Kol Nidre, takes a haunting lilt, regardless of the artist tackling this challenging piece. For your listening pleasure, WIJC offers a few classics courtesy of you tube:

Neil Diamond (from the Jazz singer):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL0LqFpaL0A

Perry Como: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY6i6SobW6M

Al Jolson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmJPVO_Qkvo

and Johnny Mathis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30HKyLhGCjk

Also of note is the film “18 Voices Sing Kol Nidre” produced for PBS. Information on the film and viewing times can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30HKyLhGCjk


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