Shabbat Shalom, 27 Tishri 5773

In the beginning. Bereishit

The Torah portion is Genesis 1:1- 6:8. פרשת בראשית

Translation via Chabad : or JTS

Commentary from:


Rabbi Wein:

Rabbi Ted Falcon:



and of course, G-dcast:


2 responses to “Shabbat Shalom, 27 Tishri 5773

  1. Hi. I was wondering whether you got my response to your request last week concerning the Torah portion (whether it was V’zot Ha-B’rachah or the Sukkot reading).

    Many blessings, and Shabbat Shalom,


    Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD

    • Indeed we did! Thank you, Rabbi Falcon. It appears that someone else had the very same questions, making WIJC very fortunate to be able to ask and receive a rabbinical response in such a timely fashion.
      Much gratitude.

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