Music of Remembrance: Free tickets for students

The Emperor of Atlantis: This fall, our concert highlight is Viktor Ullmann’s opera The Emperor of Atlantis, composed in the Terezín concentration camp in 1943. Camp authorities halted its final rehearsals once they saw its provocative allusions to Hitler and his war machine.

Our fully-staged production will be directed by Erich Parce, and it features a stellar vocal cast and a chamber ensemble of the Seattle Symphony’s leading players. The Emperor of Atlantis is a stunningly courageous opera that Viktor Ullmann created in a concentration camp, under the noses of his Nazi captors, to mock Hitler and his war machine. We’re performing it in English, so you’ll appreciate every nuance of this compelling musical drama.

MOR’s bold new production is conducted by the Seattle Symphony’s Ludovic Morlot and directed by Erich Parce, with a stellar vocal cast and a chamber ensemble of Seattle Symphony players. You’ll also hear works by two composers who left Europe in the 1930s to escape the Nazi threat: Swiss-born Ernest Bloch settled in the United States, and Latvian-born Marc Lavry emigrated to Palestine. Both were deeply influenced by their roots in Jewish musical traditions that, Bloch said, give voice to a “complex, glowing, agitated soul.” As a composer and conductor, Lavry went on to become one of the most important figures in Israel’s musical life, and he had a central influence on the development of distinctively Israeli musical styles.

Two nights only! November 16 and 18, 2012
Reaching young people is so important to us. Through the generosity of MOR supporters, we are offering free tickets to the first 100 high school students who request them. RSVP here.

To obtain free tickets for high school youth, register and RSVP here (you can pick which night to attend):


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