Hanukkah resource: Fair Trade Gelt Campaign

A message from Hazon: Every Hanukkah, Jewish children of all ages receive chocolate gelt as a treat to enjoy during the holiday. Our consumption of chocolate gelt offers us an opportunity to learn more about chocolate, where it comes from, who helps produce it, and how choosing the type of chocolate gelt you eat during Hanukkah can connect with your Jewish values.

As your students’ grapple with learning that most chocolate production includes forced child labor, they will also learn that Fair Trade designation provides a means to keep children out of chocolate production, helping to support the children, their families, and their communities to rise out of poverty.

Hazon, UW Hillel, Kavana and Fair Trade Judicia have put together free middle and high school curricula offers opportunities for students to learn about the production of chocolate and Jewish values. These educator guides and lesson plans are available at http://www.hazon.org/resource/spinning-the-dreidel-for-chocolate-gelt/



One response to “Hanukkah resource: Fair Trade Gelt Campaign

  1. So happy to find your page and see that there are Jews on Whidbey Island! The Fair Trade Gelt Campaign was started in Seattle as a partnership of the Kavana Cooperative and UW Hillel. It is growing! Please visit our site and “like” our page here: https://www.facebook.com/fairtradegelt
    Help us plan for next Hanukkah!

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