Shabbat Shalom וַיִּשְׁלַח

16 Kislev 5773

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel,1865, Alexander Louis Leloir

Jacob Wrestling with the Angel,1865, Alexander Louis Leloir

This week’s parsha is Vayishlach, Hebrew for “and he sent”. Vayishlach covers Genesis 32:4-36:43.  A fast and furious synopsis of this week’s torah portion would be to say that Jacob wrestles with an angel, makes up with his brother Esau and gives him a present of livestock (including donkeys); Dinah is raped by a Prince and when her rapist asks for her hand in marriage her father replies that no daughter of his is marrying a man with foreskin. The Prince agrees to convince all the men within the walls of his city to undergo circumcision. After all the men have this procedure done (without anesthetic, of course) they are lying around in  pain when Dinah’s brothers decide that this is the ideal time to exact revenge. They enter the city with swords drawn,  slay all the newly circumcised men and loot everything of value, taking with them not only the material wealth of the city but also the animals, women and children. Jacob is renamed Israel and Rachel dies. The sciatic nerve is deemed unkosher for consumption. There is more, of course, but you will need to read that for yourself.

To do so, translations and commentary sources are listed below.






Rabbi Ted Falcon

My Jewish Learning

and animated at G-dcast


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