happy havdalah, 1 Shevat וָאֵרָא

The plague of frogs, Gerard Jollian 1670

The plague of hail, Holman Bible 1890

Plagues, plagues on both your houses!

This week’s Shabbat post, delivered late due to hockey.

Today’s date, the first of the month, makes this Rosh Chodesh, Head of the Month.
Parshat is Va’era covering Exodus 6:2-9:35
Va’era translates as “and I appeared” and contains content on the first seven plagues of Egypt.
About the plagues, there were ten. They came in three waves in response to “let me my people go”.

water turning to blood
gnats or lice
flies on wild animals
livestock disease
death of the firstborn

JTS: http://learn.jtsa.edu/content/translations/va-era/torah-portion/va-era

JTS: http://learn.jtsa.edu/parashah/va-era/5773
Rabbi Ted Falcon: http://www.rabbitedfalcon.com/weekly-focus/
Torah. org: http://www.torah.org/learning/parsha/summary/vaera.html
Chabad: http://www.chabad.org/parshah/default_cdo/aid/15560/jewish/Vaeira.htm
Orthodox Union: http://www.ou.org/torah/article/rabbi_weinrebs_parsha_column_vaera

and, of course, a G-dcast animated short:http://www.g-dcast.com/vaeira


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