Shabbat Shalom בֹּא

7 Shevat 5773

The Angel of Death and the First Passover, 1897, Charles Foster.

This week’s parsha is Bo, (a command translated as “come” or “go”) covering Exodus 10:1-13:16. Bo continues to detail the plagues (including the reaction of the Pharoah to his chil’d death) and offers a description of the the first Passover.
Bo contains 20 commandments, 9 positive and 11 negative, including the final one that really bothers me:

-It is the job of the courts to deterine when a new month (Rosh Chodesh)
-To slaughter the Passover lab at a certain time for inclusion on the Seder plate
-To refrain from eating any Passover meat (lamb) that is raw or boiled (unroasted)
-To not leave any meat from the Paschal lamb until morning (no leftovers allowed)
-To destroy all leavened bread before Passover on the 14th of Nisan
-To eat matzah on Passover’s first night
-To refrain fromhaving chametz (leavened bread, flour or grain crumbs) in your house during the entire seven day stretch of Passover
-To not leat chametz, or anything with chametz, during Passover
-Apostates are not to eat any Passover lamb
-Hired workers, permanent or temporary, are not to eat any Passover lamb
-Not to take paschal lamb meat away from the confines of the group
-To make sure the Paschal lamb is not eaten by any uncircumcised male (hey, want a lamb and matzah sandwich, you unhired worker, you? Let’s have a look-see in your trousers)
-To take care to not break any bones of the Passover lamb at any time
-To set aside firstborn animals (for redemption)
-To not eat chametz
-To not have chaetz in your domain for the entire seven days (these two are mentioned twice for good measure)
-To retell the story of Exodus from Egypt on the first night of Passover
-To redeem the firstborn donkey fro the Kohen with a lamb
-To break the neck of a firstborn donkey of there is no intention for it to be redeemed (now, I get the death of all firstborn males, but really, have you see the punim on a baby ass?)


Torah. org:
Rabbi Ted Falcon:

Animated short by G-dcast:

Reminder: Tu’B Shevat (15th of Shevat) is on the 26th of January. More details on Tu B’Shevat, including links to Haggadahs, will be sent out soon. But in the meantime, G-dcast offers short on the holiday that may be of interest:


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