Shabbat Shalom 14 Shevat 5773

The Women Celebrated as Moses’ Sister Miriam Sang (1984 illustration by Jim Padgett)
Tomorrow is Tu B’Shevat and this week’s parsha is Beshalach, covering Exodus 13:17-17:16.
בְּשַׁלַּח Translated as “when he let go”

This portion is the Shabbat that focuses on song- Shirah, water, and the parting of the Seas.
Possible Routes of the Exodus:

There is one commandment added in this parsha: Not to walk outside geographical limits on Shabbat (Eruv- ritual enclosure rules to deal with carrying items (melakha).

Translation at JTS:

Commentary can be found at:

Rabbi Ted Falcon

JTS (assorted years):



And animated at G-dcast:


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