Teachers: WSHERC needs 1,000 signatures!

Teachers – We Need 1,000 signatures!
The Holocaust Center is asking the State Legislature for $150,000 to create a museum for the Holocaust Center in Seattle. The new home will have artifacts on display, exhibits, and classroom space.
Signatures are needed to make this valuable resource for students, teachers, and the public available. Please lend your name and share with fellow educators.

Educators – we need your names in support! Email Your Name, School, and City in support to ilanak@wsherc.org

Here is a link to the letter :http://www.wsherc.org/PDF/EducatorsLettertoLegislators.pdf

Text below:
Dear Legislators,

Education goes beyond the pages of a textbook and lectures at the front of a class. When teaching about such serious subjects as the Holocaust, students deserve more. They deserve engaging and relevant activities, personal testimonies, relation to current events, and things they can touch and see to allow them to fully comprehend this dark part of the world’s history.

The one resource in Washington State that goes above and beyond to provide teachers with the materials we need to teach students about the Holocaust is the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center (WSHERC). For the last 24 years the Holocaust Center has brought history to life and has touched the lives of over 40,000 students each year.

The Holocaust Center has been ranked among the Washington State Heritage Capital Projects for 2013-2015. The Center is asking for $150,000 from the State to help build a new, permanent home. This new location will allow the Center to house its extensive local artifact collection, host its library, provide teacher training/lecture space, display local exhibits, and be home to Holocaust Center staff offices. Furthermore, the new space will allow for 10,000 student visitors each year, as many as 280 per week, on site teacher trainings preparing 200 local teachers each year, in addition to the 10,000 community members that will benefit from the space.

As a teacher, I ask the Legislature to support full funding of the Washington State Heritage Capital Projects list. Full funding of the Heritage Capital Projects list will allow the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center to aid teachers for years to come with lessons of the Holocaust – lessons of tolerance, bullying, prejudice, bigotry, and hatred that are critical for today’s students. We hope that as the Holocaust Center supports us as educational professionals by training us to effectively teach these vital topics and this significant piece of history, that we will continue to work towards preventing genocide in our world.


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