Shabbat Shalom

Stones for the Breastplates

Oy, this week is a doozy.First, it is Shabbat Zachor, one of the Four Parshiyot.

שבת זכור Shabbat Zachor is the “shabbat of rememberance” in which the tale of the attack of the Amaleks is told (Haman was thought to be a descendent of the Amalek). At this special Shabbat, which occurs right before Purim, there is a commandment to recall/retell the tale of this attack.Details on Shabbat Zachor can be found at:

My Jewish Learning:


and NJOP:

Second, it is during this shabbat that the megillah for Purim is to be read. Twice. Once at night and then again in the morning.Versions of the megillah can be found at:



And third, this week’s parsha is Tetzaveh,תְּצַוֶּה translated from Hebrew as “you command”, covering Exodus 27:20-30:10. Like last week’s parsha, Tetzaveh continues to explain what G-d requested for the Tabernacle, this time detailing the need for oil for lamps, an incense altar, the ordination ceremony and instructions on priestly garb (images above).

There are 4 positve and 3 negative commandents in this week’s parsha:

Do: light the menorah daily, burn incense daily, have the Kohanim eat the sacrificial meat and wear their priestly garments during services

Do not: burn anything on the incense altar other than incense, don’t tear the priestly garments, and make sure that the breastpiece on the priestly garments are not removed from the ephod.

Translation can be found at JTS:

Commentary sources include:



Rabbi Falcon:

And as always, animated by G-dcast Studio:


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