Reminder: Rabbi Ted lecture is tomorrow

Tuesday, May 28, 6 pm

Bayview Sears House, 2812 Meinhold Rd, Langley:
Universal Secrets of the Kabbalah: Teachings on Transcendence by Rabbi Ted Falcon

The Kabbalah is the heart of Jewish mysticism. The word means “that which is received: and relates to the ongoing reality of revelation in Judaism.During this presentation, Rabbi Ted will talk about how the three basic levels of human identity are described by the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and how we might awaken ourselves utilizing the wisdom of the Kabbalah.

Spiritual guide, author, teacher, and therapist, Rabbi Ted Falcon, PH.D. has been a student and teacher of Jewish meditation and Kabbalah for over 40 years. 

There is no charge for this event, however, voluntary donations will benefit Playscape and are appreciated. This event is not sponsored by WIJC and is part of Dr. Craig’s Transformational Dialogue Series.

“Funding for Whidbey Island Jewish Community was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Special Initiatives Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.” 


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