Shabbat Shalom, 28 Tammuz 5773


– Matot translates as”tribes”.  Masei translates as “journey”. Read together, Matot and Masei covers Numbers 30:2- 32:43 and 33:1- 36:13, respectively.  This is the final chapter on the Journey to the Promised Land. Moses, knowing he will not enter into the land of Israel, lectures on the rules related to oaths and vows (gendered) and reminds the people of tumah (ritual impurity). Then it turns disturbing with a call for revenge against the Midian in which virgins were to be spared death (Moses takes this time to explain the rules of booty and captives) and then ittakes a shapr turn, devling into city planning rules (again the Daughters of Zelophechad come into conversation as does a summary of the rules against intermarriage. Whew.

Animated at G-dcast: Matot and Masei

From Hebcal, candle lighting times for South Whidbey: Shabbat lighting is at 8:53pm on Friday, 05 July 2013 with Havdalah at 10:23pm on Saturday the 6th.

Commentary sources:


Rabbi Falcon:

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