Shabbat Shalom 10 Elul

This week’s parsha is Ki Tetze, כִּי־תֵצֵא, translated from Hebrew as ” when you go”, covering Deutereonomy 20:10- 25:19.

Ki Tetze continues to lay out laws, including some gems of conducts such as  what must be done when you capture a hot prisoner of war (the rules are different for the attractive, of course, and you can marry a girl you captured provided you gussy up her hair, trim her nails, give her a new clothes and a month to grieve being taken from her parents and family), how to divide inheritance among your sons if you’ve fathered them with more than one woman, what to do with dead bodies after execution, how to keep camp clean by burying human waste,  how to assure that scales for measurement are fair, when it is required that you must help others or their animals, what constitutes a sexual offense, how to glean, take care of animals, and pay wages. And, Ki Tetze explains that if you impale anyone on a stake you can’t leave them skewered all night but instead must get them in the ground that day- cause G-d does not like seeing human kabobs one little bit.  The parsha also contains a prohibition against crossdressing and marrying your father’s ex-wife. Oh, and you can’t join the congregation if you are male and your testes have been crushed or your penis removed. Good to know, huh?

And there are many, many more; Ki Tetzsa is just chock full of tips for communal living and contains a whopping  27 positive and 47 negative commandments!

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  1. What city on Whidby do you meet again for services>??



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