Tomorrow begins the preparation for the new year with Selichot ( סליחות). Selichot are prayers said for penintenance that focus on Shelosh- Esreh Middot, or the 13 attributes of G-d’s mercy:

  1. Asonai — compassion that occurs prior to a person sins
  2. Adonai — compassion that occurs after a person has committed sins
  3. El — compassion that meets the needs of all creatures
  4. Rachum — merciful for those in states of human stress
  5. Chanun — grace when man is in distress
  6. Erech appayim — slow to anger
  7. Rav chesed — plenteous in showing mercy
  8. Emet — truthfulness
  9. Notzer chesed laalafim — having mercy for the multitudes
  10. Noseh avon — forgiving of iniquity
  11. Noseh peshah — forgiving of transgressions
  12. Noseh chatah — forgiving of sins
  13. Venakeh — pardoning

 Selichot prayers/requests for pardons are divided into five categories:

  • Selichah (סליחה) — “forgiveness.” .
  • Pizmon (פזמון) —  “chorus.”
  • Akeidah (עקידה) —  “binding”
  • Chatanu (חטאנו) — “we have sinned.”
  • Techinah (תחינה) —  “petition.”

You can read the Selichot, in Hebrew, at:

Or you can hear/watch a cantor do it online at: 





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