Information share: Jewish High is accepting enrollments for 5774 (2013/2014)


What is Jewish High? (formerly known as Hebrew High)
Jewish High is a dynamic, accredited, elective-based program for Jewish students in the 8th-12th grade.

Students attended Jewish High on Wednesday night from 7-9 PM at the Stroum Jewish Community Center (Mercer Island) during the academic year. Students can take accredited classes and fulfill his or her credit requirements at school. (Examples: Hebrew fulfills language requirement, Krav Maga counts as P.E., Jewish history offers college credits or AP). Students can also fulfill community service hours through various trips and programs offered through the school and our partner organizations.

Financial aid is available. You can check out the details and enroll at

Funding for Whidbey Island Jewish Community was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Special Initiatives Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle



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