Shabbat Shalom

“Noah was a just man, and perfect in his generations.”

נֹחַThis week’s parsha is Noach (Noah), covering Genesis 6:9-11:32. For those familiar with the story, this week covers the flood, Noah, and the Tower of Babel.

random tidbits about Noah:

his tale contains influence and parallels to the Sumerian epic Gilgamesh

he was born circumcised

he was given a name meaning rest after inventing farming implements, thus making planting possible

he did not take animals in twosies-twosies as the song states, rather he took seven pairs of clean (kosher) animals and one pair of unclean animals, the distinction of clean/unclean was not made by Noah, but by the animals, as those that were clean lowered before him in deference to his dominion

he died at the age of 950 and was the first man to plant/farm, drink wine (and to come under the affects of alcohol) and did not have children unti his 500th year; he was expected to live 1,000 years, but he gave five decades to Moses

his wife’s name is Naamah, meaning agreeable and pleasant, and there is some ancient text that suggests she may have helped gather seeds and bulbs

his lapse included drunkness, cursing, and the creation of slavery

Translation (parsha and haftorah) can be found at JTS: and

Commentary from the following sources:



and of course, animated via G-dcast:

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