Shabbat Shalom

This week we have a double parsha (diaspora thing, covering the 3rd and 4th portions of the yearly Torah readings).

First up is  Lech Lecha, translated as “go” or “for you to go”, covering Genesis 12:1-17:27.  The parsha deals with G-ds relationship with Abram (later known as Abraham) including the introduction of the covenant of circumcision. The translation of the Torah portion can be found via JTS at :

The Haftorah this week is also courtesy of JTS:

Sources of commentary:


and  animated at G-dcast:

and the second parsha section is Vayera, translated from Hebrew as “he appeared” and covering Genesis 18:1- 22:24. In this torah portion we learn about Abraham’s three visitors, the trouble over in Sodom and Gomorrah, the birth of Isaac and the situation that lead to his binding and the expulsion of Hagar.

Commentary can be found at the following sites:



and animated at G-dcast:

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