Shabbat Shalom

This week’s parsha is Chayei Sarah, covering Genesis 23:1-25:18.

In this parsha, translated as the “life of Sarah”, we learn of Sarah’s death. At the age of a hundred and twenty seven years Sarah dies and Abraham seeks to purchase her burial plot. After these negotiations, Abraham makes his servant swear  to not let Isaac marry a Canaanitie woman, but rather a girl from his father’s hometown. But Isaac can’t go back to his father’s birthplace, requiring the servant and an angel to form a bride seeking duo match making team. Now how to find a woman suitable to be Abraham’s daughter-in-law? The one that offered not only to give the men water, but also to show compassion to the camels would be the one. Not only did Rebecca do this, but when asked about a nightly lodging for the men, replied affirmatively with additional information on stables and hay.   You can read the rest, including about the formation of the 12 tribes, by yourself by visiting these sites:

For translations: JTS

For animation:G-dcast

For commentary:



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2 responses to “Shabbat Shalom

  1. I always liked this parsha for its insights into the lives of women in those days.
    Incidentally, I am not fond of the ads. Are they required?

    • Hi Susan.
      We’ve been using the no cost version which may be why you experience ads. Thanks for the input. Definitely something to consider.

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