Information share: WSHERC exhibit invite for The White Rose

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WSHERC invites you to the “White Rose” Resistance Exhibit on Wednesday, November 20th at 6:30 p.m. at the  Odegaaard Undergraduate Library at The University of Washington, Room 220.
About the exhibit: THE WHITE ROSE :Resistance and Complicity during the Holocaust
Formed in 1942 by University of Munich students, The White Rose was a small, non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany that spearheaded a nine-month anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign calling for active opposition to Adolf Hitler’s regime.  Seven members of the group were executed in 1943 and many others were imprisoned.  The group’s 6th leaflet, known as the “Manifesto of the Students of Munich” was later airdropped over Germany by Allied planes. This exhibit was created by Munich-based White Rose Foundation.
Please join us for an evening honoring and remembering these young, brave resistors.

Opening Event: exhibit viewing, film screening of “Sophie Scholl: The Final Days,” discussion and light refreshments. The White Rose exhibit has been traveling the world – don’t miss its stop in Seattle!
This exhibit is FREE to the public and will be on display through January 27, 2014.  Exhibit is sponsored by the Holocaust Center, UW Odegaard Undergraduate Library, UW Department of Germanics, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, GERN NW.

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