TENT: Pop Culture

Pop Music

May 25-June 1, 2014 in Los Angeles
A week-long seminar for music lovers and music makers based at the Norman Lear Center.

Tent: Pop Music will bring together aspiring musicians, producers, and entertainment writers to explore the genre-blending history of Jews in the American pop music scene. Instead of viewing Jewish music as a type of music that conforms to a particular genre or harkens back to a traditional “Jewish” style, we’ll consider why so many Jews have been drawn to the flexible, line-blurring world of pop music.

We’ll consider the ways that Jewish musicians have developed new musical forms by taking inspiration from a range of musical styles and how Jews have used music to engage with America’s multiethnic culture. Los Angeles will be our living classroom as we learn about Jews involved in the city’s entertainment industry and the sort of music Jews have created in LA’s diverse neighborhoods.

2 responses to “TENT: Pop Culture

  1. Hello. Is there any way to reach out to musicians on South Whidbey who might be looking to play with someone/people? Two folks who placed ads on drewslist didn’t have any luck. Thank you.

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