TENT: Museum workshop opportunity


The Museum workshop is an immersive, intense, free, week-long workshops for anyone, ages 21 to 30, who’s curious about the connections between Jewishness and modern culture. 

Workshop runs June 22-28, 2014 in New York City at the  Jewish Museum, New York City,  and is designed for anyone with a professional or personal interest in art, museum work, or cultural studies.Tent: Museums will offer a space for brainstorming and re-imagining the relevance of Jewish museums to contemporary culture. The seminar will be structured around conversations with curators, artists, and other creative professionals who make, acquire, and display artworks and artifacts in dynamic ways. Through behind-the-scenes visits to various cultural places in New York City – from museums and archives to historical neighborhoods and artist studios – we will think about how Jewish museum practice can become a versatile lens for looking at the visual and material past, present, and future. We will look at the specific roles of history, religion, and identity in these various contexts; in addition, we will consider the broader idea of the Jewish museum as a conceptual space that is relevant to the production and framing of tomorrow’s culture.

Applications due March 2, 2014. Apply Now

If required, lodging will be provided; most meals will be provided. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from New York City.For more information about this workshop, email cgartrell@thejm.org


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