Shabbat Shalom, 2 Shevat 5774

This week’s parsha is Bo, (a command translated as “come” or “go”) covering Exodus 10:1-13:16. Parshat Bo details the plagues (which include the death of the first born males)  and offers a description of the first Passover. Bo also contains explanation for the rare and wonderful ritual of the Redemption of the Firstborn Donkey (Pidyon Peter Chamor).

Now, let’s take a minute to see what that looks like:


Adorable, am I right?

Bo contains 20 commandments, 9 positive and 11 negative. 

 Sources of commentary:

Torah. org:

Animated short by G-dcast:


 Tu’B Shevat (15th of Shevat) is on the 15 of January!

WIJC will be hosting a Tu B’Shevat seder on the evening of the 15th- details coming soon. Please respond in the comments section or send an email to if you will be joining. In the meantime, G-dcast offers short on the holiday that may be of interest:

Upcoming Hebrew classes

WIJC is very pleased that we will be offering another introductory course in Modern Hebrew. The six week class is slated to begin in late January/early February and run for six weeks. Classes will be taught by Amanda Lynk, an alumna of Hampshire College in Massachusetts. Amanda received certificates in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies, took three foreign languages, and wrote a thesis on British State Building in Iraq after the Fall of the Ottoman Empire. After college, Amanda received a teaching certificate and taught K-3 in Thailand. She is now living and working on Whidbey and excited to share her passion for Hebrew with islanders. Depending on the ages of participants, Amanda will either be offering two classes (children and adult) or will instead teach a mixed class. or a beginning Hebrew for all ages. Participants will learn reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through worksheets, activities, and games.  Classes will be offered in the evenings, likely Monday or Sunday. If interested in attending, please let us know at


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