Shabbat Shalom, 19 Adar 11, 5774

This week’s Torah portion is Shmini- Leviticus 9:1-11:47, translated as “eighth” and covering the rules of Kashrut and the desecration of the Tabernacle.  Shmini contains 11 negative commandments and 6 positives, mostly dealing with the appearance of priests in the temple and what should be on the table:

The shall not list is lousy with dietary laws, such as the directive to not eat non-kosher animals, specifically fish, fowl, maggots, worms in fruit, water dwelling creatures that are not fish, and non-kosher creatures that crawl on the land. In addition, we are instructed to check that locusts to be eaten are the kosher type (jointed legs) and to distinguish between kosher and non. To make sure you’ve got the details right, check out G-dcast’s kosher animal song.

Candle lighting time on the South end is at 7:06.

Translation via JTS:

For commentary, check out Whidbey resident Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD.

Rabbi Ted was recently named one of the top 10 “most inspiring rabbis” by URJ. Mazel Tov, Rabbi Ted!

Or check out G-dcast’s animated short:

Reminder and request: Passover begins at sundown on April 14th.

WIJC regularly holds a community Seder at the UU Hall in Freeland. Who or what is WIJC? If you’re reading this post, it is likely that you are part of the Jewish community here on the island. If that’s you and you believe in the value of a community Seder, please consider doing a mitzvah and volunteering some time to help organize and host this year’s Passover Seder. If you can offer your assistance or take on a leadership role, please send an email to or leave your contact information in the comments. 

Once planners and a plan are assembled, details will be released.

Funding for Whidbey Island Jewish Community was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Special Initiatives Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.


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