Shabbat shalom

Achrei Mot is this week’s parsha. Translated as “after the death” and covering Leviticus 16:1-18:30, Achrei Mot  details the laws for Yom Kippur rituals, centralized offerings and contains a great amount of discussion about sexual practices and the avoidance and treatment of blood. This is the parsha where the phrase “scapegoat” comes into play. Achrei Mot contains 28 commandments- 2 positive and 26 negative that mostly start with the phrase “thou shall not have sexual relations with…”

Candle lighting time for South Whidbey is at 7:37 p.m.

Translations via JTS at:



Rabbi Ted Falcon:


Animated shorts from G-dcast and

Enjoy this week’s challah; Passover beings at sundown on Monday, April 14th. WIJC will be hosting a community Seder on the 17th at 6:30 at the UU Hall in Freeland. Bring a dish and join us! RSVPs appreciated to

Funding for Whidbey Island Jewish Community was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Special Initiatives Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.

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