Shabbat Shalom, 20 Tamuz 5774


– This week’s parsha, Matot, translates as”tribes”  and covers Numbers 30:2- 32:43.

In Matot, Moses explains to tribe leaders the rules regarding nedarim (agreements or vows). It is no shocker that gender plays a role in nedarim, with vows of girls and women being subject to approval by their fathers or husbands.

Matot is the final chapter on the Journey to the Promised Land. Moses, knowing he will not enter into the land of Israel, lectures on nedarim and reminds the people of tumah (ritual impurity).

Matot then takes a disturbing turn as G-d instructs Moses to attack the Midianites, slay every single male  and torch the town and to take the women, children, and animals as a prize. Moses disagreed with a decision to spare the women-folk (as they had engaged in some bidding for Balam and were not guilt free) so he ordered the Israelites to kill everyone, sparing only the virgin girls.

Just to get an idea of amount of booty the Israelites collected, it is written that the total lot of seized items included 32,000 virgin women, 61,000 donkeys, and 675,000 sheep.

Moses then became a little cocky, agitating G-d into swearing the no adult Israelite male (except Joshua and Caleb) would ever see the promised land.

Candle lighting for South Whidbey is at 8:43 with 9:50 havdalah.

Animated at G-dcast: Matot

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3 responses to “Shabbat Shalom, 20 Tamuz 5774

  1. Stephanie Schriger

    Let us pray this Shabbat for the safety of our our brothers and sisters in Israel, victory over terrorism, and for peace.

    “Our sages say that Jerusalem ultimately fell because of infighting. United, the Jews could have fended off the Roman invaders and even driven them from the land.

    Let us not make the same mistake today. Whatever differences may divide us pale in comparison with what unites us—the soul that we all have.”

    — Rabbi Farkash

  2. To whom it may concern:

    To whom in the WIJC does one address questions about Whidbey and moving there, specifically to the Langley area?

    Very truly yours,

    Richard C. Gross Santa Fe

  3. Babette Thompson

    There is no one particular person, but feel free to email me at

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