Shabbat Shalom, 5th of Av, 5774

The parsha for this week is Devarim ( דְּבָרִים ) translated from Hebrew as “words”.  Devarim kicks off the book of Deuteronomy, consisting of 1:1-3:22.

This week is also Shabbat Chazon שבת חזון the “Sabbath of vision” ( also known as the Black Sabbath) noted for being the most solemn and sad Shabbat, occuring right before the  Tish B’Av fast.

Candle lighting time for South Whidbey is 8:26 with Havdalah at9:32 pm on Saturday, 13 July

Translation via JTS:

Assorted commentary offerings:



Rabbi Falcon:

Animated by G-dcast:


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