Shabbat Shalom 3 Elul 5774

Shoftim (Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9) is this week’s parsha. Translated as “judges”, Shoftim covers social contract theory, rule and process of law, role of government, rules of warfare,  and codes of conduct for Kings, Levites, and prophets. It is in Shoftim that you find the classical Jewish call to social justice  of “tzedek, tzedek”. 

Commentary sources



Candle lighting time for South Whibdey is 7:37 with havdalah at 8:43.



2 responses to “Shabbat Shalom 3 Elul 5774

  1. Do you know of any Sli’chot services on south Whidbey this year?
    Karen Litfin

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