Invite to Taschlich and Shofar Blowing

Shalom WIJC subscribers,

La’Shana Tova! May you inscribed for a good year!

You’re invited to welcome the New Year,  5776, with fellow islanders this Monday, Rosh Hashana, at 5:30 p.m. at Possession Beach, in Clinton.

There will be an open body of water for Taschlich and we can sound the shofar whilst enjoying challah, apples and honey, and treats for a sweet New Year.

WIJC has received several contacts from folks recently relocated to the island who are hoping to make some Jewish introductions;  please stop by to see familar faces and welcome some new ones.

If you’d like to strengthening Jewish culture and connection on Whidbey and would be willing to volunteer/serve as a Board Member of WIJC to to make it more than a mailing list (94 subscribers to the blog, 44 followers on Facebook) please leave a comment or send an email to

Directions to Possession Point

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8 responses to “Invite to Taschlich and Shofar Blowing

  1. I am interested in WIJC and would like to be more involved.

  2. I’d like to go.

  3. A great way to bring people together and to have a community event that is so meaningful. Thanks s much for organizing. Please consider when choosing a location that it be more central for people who live more on the North end of the island. L”shona tova.

    • Shalom Jerome. Thanks for the comment- it would be lovely if you could attend.
      In the past, I’ve held taschlich at both Freeland Park and Ebey’s Landing to little (in one case no) attendance.
      I decided to organize this event because it is something I can do and chose the location because it is is close to my house, has accessible access for those that may need, and fits the purposes needed.
      There is no reason that someone can’t host a similar gathering at another location.
      WIJC has been gifted a shofar that you’re welcome to borrow. I can even send you links to the prayers generally used at such a gathering (Yom Tov, Shehecheyanu, Blessings over wine and Bread) as well as a guide to the types of shofar blasts.
      Wishing you a sweet New Year.

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