Passover Seder

WIJC will be holding a community Passover Seder on Friday, April 29th at 5:30 p.m at Unity of Whidbey in Langley (5671 Crawford Road, corner of SR 525).

Please plan to bring a dish and/or beverage to share along with a place setting (extras will be available in case anyone forgets) along with any ritual items you’d like to bring (either food or for the table).

As many in our community observe dietary restrictions (in addition to Passover kosher), labeling dishes with ingredients is greatly appreciated.

Please let us know if you’re planning on coming by sending a RSVP to or by leaving a comment.

Plan to arrive at 5:30, the intention is to begin the Seder at 6:00.

If you need a ride, please let us know in your RSVP so we can check if a community member in the area can provide transportation.




8 responses to “Passover Seder

  1. Karen Macofsky

    Our official RSVP: 2 for sure, one maybe pending work schedule. Will help with cleanup. Karen

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  2. John and Babette Thompson will attend unless that is the ONLY DAY the oral surgeon can remove my cracked tooth.

    Now, in addition to my bringing biscuit and wine, what else can we do to help?


  3. Rachel Horwitz

    Rachel and Andrew Horwitz and Estelle Kramer will be there. We will bring haroset and other things.

  4. I’ll be coming, along with a guest, Faith Wilder. We will bring very special hard-boiled eggs, cooked by Faith.

    Please let me know how many we should bring.


  5. Jay and sue canson

    Not a reply. But two questions. Who is conducting the Seder??? And willithe Seder be conducted according to the Hagadah And oops that makes three but. Will there be a conservative reform. Or some other format to the Seder???

    • Hi Jay. Glad to answer your questions. WIJC is holding a community Seder. About 10 years ago a group got together with a stack of haggadot (all varieties) and put together a community haggadah to use at Passover that uses elements from several different haggadot. It contains all the elements usually covered in a Seder, in English with Hebrew text for prayers and song.
      There is no official Conductor/leader of the Seder.
      After introductions, we take turns going around the table reading and telling the Pesach story. There are always folks that wish to add something not in the text (either a song, statement, or question), making it a little different every year. You’re welcome to do the same.
      It’s not conservative, and not officially Reform (following URJ text), but Reform is the denomination it is closest to.

      Basically, it’s an eclectic island Seder that aims to be inclusive and welcoming to anyone that self-identifies as Jewish and wants to fulfil the mitzvah/requirement of celebrating Passover with a Seder in community.

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